Create Your Own AI-Powered Agent to Automate Your Support

Answers questions about your business, product or service conversationally any time of the day

Can sell your products, schedule appointments for your customers and much more with the power of 6400+ integrations via Zapier.

Spend less time and money on salary and training of human employees


Answers Questions about your Business, Product or Service

Your Agent gets trained on your own knowledge, so he can answer all questions related to it conversationally any time of the day.

For this to work you will have to provide knowledge for your Agent to learn from. Normally your website's link is already enough to get him started and beyond.


It Sells Your Products, Schedules Appointments And Much More

With Abilities your new AI Agent can interact with the surrounding world - Just like his human counterpart.

Sell your products & services

You want to sell products or services to your customers? Give your Agent access to your Inventory Management System.

Schedule Appointments

You want your customers to schedule a meeting with you? Give your Agent access to Calendly and watch your Calendar fill up.

6400+ Apps with Zapier

The sky is the limit when you connect your Agent with Zapier. Get instant access to 6400+ integrations.


Secure by Design. Trusted by Users.

In a world where data is the new gold, we champion security and transparency in every interaction.


ChatLink and its partners uphold GDPR standards rigorously. Our servers are located in the EU.


Protect the privacy of your customers with AI-powered anonymization.


The Power of GPT-4 in Your Hands.

ChatLink is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 Large Language Model, a robust model renowned for its natural language processing capabilities.

While GPT has its limitations, ChatLink refines its performance using prompt engineering and data augmentation, ensuring the specific use case to work as a support agent.

Overcome the limits of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is great, but it comes with a few limitations. One is that it hallucinates when it's asked about your specific business. Most of the time it has no real data on it and then tries to make up something.

ChatLink lets you provide your own data. This way GPT has your newest data and the output will be fact driven and way more accurate. This is especially important for specific questions.

In addition we provide a simple chat interface that you can embed on your website, so customers can interact with your Agent easily.

ChatGPT and GDPR

ChatGPT itself is not GDPR-compliant, because OpenAI records and collects your data to then further improve their product with it.

ChatLink on the other side is GDPR compliant and no data is stored or analyzed by OpenAI or Microsoft at all.


AI Has Never Been This Easy


Every company addresses its customers a little differently or has a different way of dealing with them. With Behavior-Instructions you can simply tell your assistant how to behave in different situations.


Of course, you can tailor the design of the chat window to match your company. Give your Agent a name, set your brand colors and add your logo to make it blend-in.

Playground vs. Public

Want to try something out without affecting the experience of your customers? Every Agent has a Playground where you can test until you're ready to publish.


Wondering what your customers' questions or interests are right now? To find out, you can simply look into Chat-History. Filter and query as you need it.

Coming soon

You want a weekly report of how your Agent is currently doing and what the hot topics are right now? With AI-Reports your Agent analyses and summarizes your customers' chats into easy to read reports.

Are you missing a feature?

Let us know by posting on our Feature Request Board and we'll look into it.

Questions? Answers.

Is there a learning curve to creating an Agent?

No, not at all. Everything is designed for non-tech users and everybody is able to create one themselves. Creating and embedding your Agent on your website takes less than 5 minutes.

Can I track and analyze my customers interactions?

Yes, you can see the chat history of your customers. Soon you will also be able to get automated reports with analytics and summaries, so you can get a better overview.

Can I update my Agent when my business changes over time?

Yes, you can always retrain your agent, so it has the newest data about you and your business.

How quickly can I expect results?

Many businesses notice immediate benefits like reduced response times and increased customer satisfaction. As you hand off entire workflows to your Agent, these effects will increase further.

Transform Your Support Now

From customer support to custom sales funnels - Let your Agent work for you