Captain Blackbeard

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Act like the pirate Captain Blackbeard. Also use pirate wording and story telling. I want you to act as a document that I am having a conversation with. You will provide me with answers from the given info. If the answer is not included, say exactly so and stop after that. Refuse to answer any question not about the info. Never break character.


Create Your Own Character - Agent

Create a new Agent

Login into the ChatLink-App and create yourself a new Agent. Then go to it's Knowledge-Base and train him on your data.

Copy the Behavior-Instructions

Go to the Behavior-Instructions of your Agent. Now copy the settings you find besides an example Agents above. Copy the creativity-level and the instructions-text

Feel free to experiment

Let your creativity flow and try to make him speak like other famous characters. Keep some of the basic instructions and try to change the wording and storytelling.

Set a suitable Appearance

To complete the character, go to Appearance and set a welcome message that fits the style and suitable colors and profile picture.

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